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Dr. Hongliang Li

Dr.Hongliang Li

    From College of Computer Science and Technology (ccst) ,

     Jilin University (JLU)

     Member of Grid Team


     Computer Sicence and Technology, Room B216

     No. 2699 Qianjin Street,                      

     Changchun, Jilin Province, China.                     

     Zip Code : 130012

E-mail: lihongliang AT

               li.hl AT

About Me

    Hongliang Li is a faculty of CCST (College of Computer Science and Technology), Jilin University. He's research interests include resource scheduling and fault tolerance in HPC systems and data-intensive applications. He is working on China NFS research project on elastic virtual cluster and parallel job scheduling under virtual HPC environment.

    He is also interested in applications of novel HPC hardware, such as GPU and FPGA.And HPC applications, such as numerical simulation applications and biomedical applications.

    Hongliang Li is the core developer of CSF4 (Community Scheduler Framework) (,, LimeVI (LIve Migration Enabled Virtual), EVC (Elastic Virtual Cluster) and SymWorkManager.


09/2002 to 06/2006: BSc on computer science and technology, CCST, Jilin University.

09/2006 to 06/2009: MEng on computer system structure, CCST, Jilin University.

09/2009 to 06/2012: Ph.D. on computer application technology, CCST, Jilin University.

05/2011 to 10/2011: Platform Computing Inc.(Acquired by IBM in 2011) in Toronto for joint R&D project (Platform MapReduce)

10/2011 to 11/2011: ECE department of University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada as visiting scholar


English Journal

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Chinese Journal

  • 魏晓辉, 邹磊, 李洪亮. 基于优化的同构子图搜索的虚拟网络映射算法[J]. 吉林大学学报: 工学版, 2013 (001): 165-171.PDF

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