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English Journal


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Chinese Journal


魏晓辉, 刘智亮, 庄园, 等. 支持大规模流数据在线处理的自适应检查点机制[J]. 吉林大学学报: 工学版, 2017 (1): 199-207.


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魏晓辉,李聪,李洪亮(*),庄园.支持大规模流数据处理的在线MapReduce数据传输机制[J]. 吉林大学学报: 理学版, 2015 (2015 年 02): 273-279.


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Book Charpter


Zhaohui Ding,Xiaohui Wei,etc.CYBERINFRASTRUCTURE FOR BIOMEDICAL APPLICATIONS: METASCHEDULING AS ESSENTIAL COMPONENT FOR PERVASIVE COMPUTING.Book Chapter in, Cyberinfrastructure Technologies and Applications. Editor: Junwei Cao, 2007 Nova Science Publishers, Inc..