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Xiaohui Wei Ph.D. Hot

Xiaohui Wei Ph.D.

Dean,College of Computer Science and Technology ( CCST ),Jilin University ( JLU )

Director,High Performance Computing Center of Jilin University 

Professor of Computer Sicence and Technology

Director,Grid Team

 Xiaohui Wei is a Professor in the College of Computer Science and Technology (CCST) at Jilin University. He’s research interests are in the area of large-scale distributed computing systems, which ranging from grid computing, cloud computing and data centers. Recently, he’s been focusing on HPC infrastructure based on virtualization technologies and data management in large-scale data centers. He also committed to apply theoretical results into practice and building useful tools to help solving both scientific and industrial HPC issues, such as biomedical and numerical simulation for multiphase flow and solid mechanics.


   Prof. Wei’s educational qualifications include a Ph.D. in computer software and theory, a MEng in computing system structure and a BSc all from the Department of Computer Science and Technology, Jilin University. After receiving his Ph.D. in 1999,he worked in Platform Computing Inc. (Acquired by IBM in 2011) in Toronto as a Postdoc and a senior software engineer till 2004. He was a key developer of Platform LSF (Load Share Facility), which is one of the most widely used schedulers for Clusters.

   From 2004, he’s been working as a full professor at CCST. In 2005, he went to the University of California San-Diego as a visiting scholar. He also went to South Africa as a lecture for the Africa National Modern Distance Education and network communication workshop in 2005.

Professional Service

  • 2004 to present, Professor of Computer Science and Technology

  • 2005.9 to 2009.9, Director of Grid Computing and Network Security Lab of CCST

  • 2009 to 2012, Vice dean of CCST

  • 2010 to present, Director of High Performance Computing Center of Jilin University

  • 2010 to present, Committee of Jilin Computer Federation

  • 2012 to present,Dean of CCST

    Prof. Wei actively engaged in both education and research services:

  • Computer science and Technology Steering Committee Member of Ministry of Education of China.

  • Internet of Thinks Teaching Steering Committee member of Ministry of Education of China.

  • IEEE member, China Computer Federation (CCF) member, and CCF Young Computer Scientists, Sanding Director of Chinese Higher Education Federation.

  • Evaluation expert of National Science and Technology Award of China.

  • Evaluation expert of National Natural Science Foundation of China.

  • Membership in Steering Committees of PRAGMA 18,PRAGMA 19,PRAGMA 20,PRAGMA 21 and PRAGMA 22

  • Conference Chairs of PRAGMA 19and FCST 2010

  • to be perfect...

Course Taught

  • Computer Network

  • Computing System Fault-tolerance

  • Grid Computing


  • Jilin Province Award for Science and Technology Progress, second prize, 2008.

  • National Award of technology innovation in service industry, first prize, 2009.

  • Youth Science and Technology Prize of Jilin Province, 2009.

  • Jilin University Award of Ten Outstanding Young People, 2009.

  • Special Government Allowance of Changchun


  • Autonomic Monitoring in a Gird Environment, granted at 2008. Bigagli David (Toronto, CA), Wei Xiaohui (Chang Chun, CN), No. US 7340654B2


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